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A number of our members conduct coaching both in person and on-line. During the COVID-19 shutdowns all is currently on-line.

The following are available. Contact them to inquire about their services.

Irina Berezina-Feldman
Joshua Brown
Vladimir Feldman
Max Illingworth
Jack Rodgers

IM Irina Berezina-Feldman

FIDE Trainer, professional chess coach, vast experience coaching online using Zoom or Skype. For more information about Irina see www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irina_Berezina. Contact irina@chessmasters.com.au or 0415 593 192.

Joshua Brown

Extensive tournament experience, including representing NSW in 2014 and winning the Norths Winter Classic in 2019. Joshua has been a coach for the Sydney Academy of Chess of more than 2 years helping children and adults, from beginners up to 1600, improve their game. In order to improve, Joshua believes that it is essential to focus on learning and understanding the common ideas and themes that can be applied to any chess game. To book a lesson with Joshua through the Sydney Academy of Chess call 02 9745 1170 and see www.sydneyacademyofchess.com.au/coaching/one-on-one

IM Vladimir Feldman

FIDE Trainer, professional chess coach, vast experience coaching online using Zoom or Skype. For more information about Vladimir see www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimir_Feldman. Contact vlad@chessmasters.com.au or 0414 798 503.

GM Max Illingworth

Australian Chess Champion 2018 and 2019, and holder of NSW and interstate titles. Max's starting point is "What would it mean for you to become a stronger chess player, and achieve your desired rating?" and his mission is to help you overcome your struggles in chess - from not knowing what or how to study, to making silly and avoidable mistakes. For a systematic training approach and personalized Grandmaster feedback that gives you the knowledge and skills you need to win more chess games, learn more and contact Max @ www.lichess.org/coach/Craze.

Jack Rodgers

2019 NSW Chess Champion, experienced coach of 5 years, founder of Jack Rodgers Chess Coaching, 2100 FIDE rating. After coaching with the Sydney Academy of Chess for two years, Jack has been coaching independently on Chess.com (online) and over the board for the past three years. As a partner of Chess.com he is able to utilise many of the features available online that have not been available for over the board coaching before in order to design lessons tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. He has taught a number of children and adults from beginner through to 1800 and has helped students improve their rating as well as achieve stellar tournament results (such as Shaheel Faizal winning the Australian U12 lightning championship). Jack is available for private and group sessions online. Contact jackrodgers96@gmail.com and see www.chess.com/member/imjackrodgers.