2017 John Purdy Memorial Open

Congratulations to the winners:

John Purdy Memorial Trophy: Clive Ng 
Open: 1st Brandon Clarke; =2nd Vladimir Feldman, Frank Tefanis; 4th Clive Ng 
Rating Group A (U1860-1600): =1st Jigando Balan, Nicholas Cooper, Allan Richards, Paul Russell 
Rating Group B (U1600-1460): 1st Gary Armstrong; =2nd Ivan Case, Kamal Jain, Udit Talpade 
Rating Group C (U1460-1000): 1st Toby Huey; =2nd David Cook, Norman Greenwood, Timothy Leong, Ralph Shaw, Tristan Weijermars 
Rating Group D (U1000): 1st Ryan Hii; =2nd Lindsay Chegwidden, Arvend Karunagaran, Yuze Li 
Senior: Biljana Dekic 
Junior: Toby Huey 
Upsets: Frank Paul, Peter Brand, Adrian Pfefferle, Lindsay Chegwidden, Anup Kumar, Siva Sankaran, Toby Huey, Ryan Hii, David Cook, Mathew Di-Ienno, Yuze (Ethan) Li, Chelsea Huey

ACF and FIDE rated

Tuesdays from 12 September to 14 November 2017 (excluding 7 November)

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Location: Norths (formerly North Sydney Leagues Club), cnr Abbott & Palmer Streets, Cammeray.

Time: Games start at 7:30 pm.

: 9 round Swiss (Dutch) tournament, with pairings generated by Vega. Norths Chess Club has at times experienced venue booking conflicts at short notice which have necessitated changes to tournament arrangements. The organisers reserve the right to reduce the number of rounds in the event that the venue becomes unavailable for one or more weeks.

Time control: All moves in 90 minutes + an increment of 30 seconds per move from move 1.

Eligibility: Adult players must be members of or have paid a Registered Player Fee to the NSWCA. Juniors (aged under 18 years) must be members of the NSWJCL. Interstate players must be members of the equivalent State or Territory Association. Players who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents must have a FIDE ID.

Prizes (* see notes below):

Open: 1st = $450 2nd = $250 3rd = $150 4th = $100
Upset: $50 per round (for biggest upset based on rating difference)
Senior: $100 to highest scoring Senior (born in 1957 or earlier)
Junior: $100 to highest scoring Junior (born in 1999 or later)
           (NOTE: Senior and Junior prizes are conditional on 5 entries in each section)
Rating: $100 and $50 for 1st and 2nd in rating categories A, B, C and D (where these are the second, third, fourth and fifth quintiles of rated players)
The John Purdy Memorial Trophy is awarded to the highest scoring member of Norths Chess Club.

Ratings: Pairings and prizes will be based on ACF Classic ratings. If a player doesn't have an ACF Classic rating, the FIDE Standard rating will be used (or if a player doesn't have one, the FIDE Rapid rating). Results will be submitted for the ACF Classic and FIDE Standard rating lists.

Entry Fees: Members: $40 full or $30 concession (Pensioner; Aged under 18, Student aged under 25). Non-members $10 extra.

: Entries must be received by Saturday 9 September. Late entries will be at the discretion of the arbiter and may not be included in the first round draw.

Entry: Using the on-line form below or download the PDF form for cash/cheque payment. Right of entry is reserved.

Draw: The draw for the next round will be published on the webpage on the Sunday night before the round is scheduled to be played.

Half Point Byes: Up to two half-point byes are permitted in rounds 1-7. Requests for a bye must be received by the arbiter no later than 7pm on the Sunday immediately prior to the round.

Forfeits: Any player who arrives at the chessboard more than one hour after the scheduled start of the session shall lose the game unless the Arbiter decides otherwise.

Recording of Moves: All moves must be recorded on the provided score sheet.

Mobile phonesNo penalty will be applied to a player for bringing a mobile phone into the venue, however the phone must be completely switched off and not kept on a player's person. If the player fails to switch the phone off and/or it makes a sound, the arbiter will have discretion as to the penalty applied.

Tiebreaks: In the event of ties, prize monies will be shared. If eligible players are tied, the winner of the John Purdy Memorial Trophy will be determined by applying the following tiebreaks in descending order:
  1. Direct encounter
  2. Buchholtz Cut 1
  3. Average Rating of Opponents Cut 1
Rules: The FIDE Laws of Chess apply, in conjunction with these tournament rules.

Arbiter: Nick Cooper.

Appeals panel: TBA.

* Notes:
  • Players are eligible for one non-upset prize only.
  • No player may receive more than one upset prize.
  • Rating and upset prizes will be awarded based on the rating hierarchy specified in the Ratings section above. Players without those ratings are considered to be unrated and are ineligible for rating or upset prizes.

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