2016 Purdy Memorial FIDE Rated Open

Congratulations to Soumya Thakurta, 2017 John Purdy Memorial Champion and all  prize winners:

John Purdy Memorial Trophy: Soumya Thakurta
Open: Soumya Thakurta, =2nd: Max Mikkelson, Nick Kordahi, Clive Ng
U2000-1800:Nick Kordahi, Clive Ng
U1800-1600: Max Mikkelson
U1600-1400: Mark Wilson, Rex Simmonds
U1400: Scott O'Callaghan, Andy Coey
Senior:Rex Simmonds, Mark Wilson, Yu-shiun Chen, Paul Glissan, Frank Hutchlings
Junior: Max Mikkelson
Upsets: Toby Huey, Hans Schwandl, Jonas Sze-to, Egon Cardenas, Allan Richards, Scott O'Calloghan, Roger Jeffreys, Andrew Coey, Max Mikkelsen

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Draw: The draw for the next round will normally be published on this web page on the Sunday before the round is scheduled to be played.

Format: 9 round FIDE rated Swiss tournament. FIDE time control—all moves in 90 minutes + 30 seconds per move increment from move 1.

Prizes (* see notes below):

Open: 1st = $450 2nd = $250 3rd = $150 4th = $100
Upset: $50 per round (for biggest upset based on rating difference)
Senior: $100 to best Senior (man over 60 or woman over 55) not winning an Open Prize
Junior: $100 to best Junior (under 18) not winning an Open Prize
           (NOTE: Senior and Junior prizes are conditional on 5 entries in each section)
Rating: $100 and $50 for 1st and 2nd in the categories of U2000-1800, U1800-1600, U1600-1400, U1400
The John Purdy Memorial Trophy is awarded to the best scoring member of Norths Chess Club.

Entry Fees: Members $40; Non-members $50; Concession $30 (Eligibility: Pensioner; Aged under 18, Student aged under 25).

Entries: Entries must be received by Friday 2 September. Late entries will be at the discretion of the arbiter and may not be included in the first round draw.

Entry: Using the on-line form below or download the PDF form for cash/cheque payment. Right of entry is reserved. 

Eligibility: Adult players must be members of or have paid a Registered Player Fee to the NSWCA. Juniors (aged under 18 years) must be members of the NSWJCL. Interstate players must be members of the equivalent State or Territory Association. Non-Australian residents must have a FIDE ID. Norths Chess Club Committee reserves the right to refuse entry.

PairingsThe pairings will be generated by Vega using the Swiss Dutch system.

Half Point Byes: Permitted in rounds 1-7. Requests for a bye must be received by the arbiter not later than 5 pm on the Saturday immediately preceding the next round.

Forfeits: Any player who arrives at the chessboard more than one hour after the scheduled start of the session shall lose the game unless the Arbiter decides otherwise.

Recording of Moves: All moves must be recorded on the provided score sheet.

Mobile phonesNo penalty will be applied to a player for bringing a mobile phone into the venue, however the phone must be completely switched off. If the player fails to switch the phone off and/or it makes a sound, the arbiter will have discretion as to the penalty applied. 

Rules: The FIDE Laws of Chess apply, in conjunction with the above conditions.  The Arbiter’s decision on the application of any rules shall be final. 

Arbiter: Nick Cooper.

Appeals panel: TBA.

* Notes:
  • In the event of ties, prize monies will be shared.
  • No player may receive more than one upset prize.
  • Upset and rating prizes will be awarded based on ACF standard ratings.
  • Players are eligible for one non-upset prize only.
  • Unrated players are not eligible for rating or upset prizes.
  • Tiebreak for awarding the John Purdy Memorial Trophy will be based on the FIDE recommended order for tiebreaks for individual Swiss tournaments where ratings are consistent.
  • Eligibility for Senior and Junior prizes is the player’s age on 6 September 2016.

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