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Club Championship

Congratulations 2016 Club Champion Thomas Xuan and other division winners and placegetters.

Championship: 1st Thomas Xuan; =2nd Donato Mallari and Jason Hu.
Candidates: 1st  Georg Pfefferle; 2nd Paul Russell; 3rd Peter Abbott
Division A: 1st Parunithan Ranganathan; =2nd Michael Roberts; Nick Cooper and Paul Glissan
Division B: 1st Luke Marsh; 2nd David Marsh; 3rd Clive Lane
Division C: 1st Shane Dibley; 2nd David James; 3rd Danny Marcuson
Division D: 1st Stephen Forrest; 2nd Ivan Case; 3rd Robert Laurie
Division E: 1st Gary Armstrong; 2nd Anthony Fikh; 3rd Vince Chiara

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Divisions: The Championship, Candidates and Divisions A, B, C and D will be FIDE rated round-robin groups of up to ten players. Another division will be run as a Swiss tournament with pairings generated by Vega). ACF ratings will be used to guide selection into divisions. 

Eligibility and entry: Current financial members of Norths Chess Club + $5 fee. Entries closed on Friday 12 February.

Format: Single round robin, except for the Swiss Division. The top 6 divisions will be round robin sections of 10 players each and will be both ACF and FIDE rated. The remaining players will compete in a 9 round ACF rated Swiss tournament. The number of divisions has been based on the entry numbers for the 2015 club championships and the organisers reserve the right to vary the number of round robin divisions based on the actual entry numbers for the 2016 event

Time controls: 90 minutes per player plus 30 seconds per move (from move 1). 

Draw and table allocations: Are detailed on a draw sheet and crosstable provided to each participant and displayed at the club. The first listed player has the white pieces. 

Forfeiture time: One hour after the commencement of the round (at the Arbiter's discretion). 

Postponements and byes

Players in round-robin divisions* may arrange with their opponent to play a game earlier or later than in the draw, on these nights or at a time and place of their choosing.

1 March, 12 April and 3 May are available to play postponed games at the club.

Players must advise Norths Chess Club and their opponent if they want a game postponed. It is the responsibility of the player postponing the game to contact the opponent before the game is due to be played. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. Only in the event of illness or emergency should this be less than 24 hours notice. 

Players must make arrangements with the opponent to play postponed games. Communications between players about postponements should be reported to the arbiter.

All games must be completed by the end of the last round. 

Uncompleted games may be judged to be abandoned or forfeited. Consideration will be given to evidence of players making themselves available to play the game.

* Postponements are not permitted in Swiss Division, but requests for half-point byes (maximum of 2) are allowed in rounds 1-7. Requests for a bye must be received by the arbiter not later than 7pm on the Sunday immediately preceding the next round. Email or call/SMS 0414 793 791. 


Nick Cooper, Norman Greenwood

Appeals panel:


Result of games: Results of games completed should be entered on the draw sheet at the venue. In the case of games played elsewhere email or call/SMS 0414 793 791. 

Analysis of completed games and social chess: A separate section away from the tournament area is set aside for analysis of completed games and social chess. Players must ensure games still underway are not disturbed. 

Protocols on player disturbances: Norths Chess Club protocols on player disturbances are set out in notices displayed in the tournament area. 

Games data base: Norths Chess Club reserves the right to publish any games played in any tournament organised by the club. 

Ties: In the case of a tie (or ties) in the Championship and Candidates divisions, a play-off will take place: 

  • Where there are two joint leaders two games will be played; or
  • Where there are more than two joint leaders a round robin of one game each will be played. 
Play-offs will also take place where a division is divided into multiple sections.

If a play-off is not achieved within a reasonable time, Norths Chess Club reserves the right to instead apply a tiebreak formula of its choosing. 

Other divisions will be resolved by tie-break applied by the listed order recommended for individual round robin tournaments in the FIDE Rules.

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