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Club Championship

FIDE and ACF rated

Nine rounds - 11 February to 5 May 2020


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Results for D/E and Challengers will appear in these pages also: D/E and Challengers 

  • There will be five single round-robin divisions (Championship, Candidates and Reserves A, B and C) of ten players, plus a 9 round, twenty player Swiss tournament (the Reserves D/E) and a 9 round semi-open Challengers Swiss tournament (in past years known as the Swiss division).
  • The Reserves D/E tournament combines two divisions, so there will be both a Reserves D and E trophy awarded (with the divisions determined prior to the start of the tournament).
  • Division allocations will be based on ACF Classic ratings (or where a player does not have an ACF Classic rating, their FIDE Standard rating will be assessed relative to other players' FIDE ratings). As in previous years, selected juniors may be elevated by one division.
  • The results for all tournaments will be submitted for the FIDE Standard and ACF Classic rating lists.
  • Note that the number of round-robin divisions may be reduced if the number of entries is significantly lower than last year.


  • A trophy will be awarded to the winner of each division.
Eligibility and entry: Current financial members of Norths Chess Club + $15 entry fee (free for GMs, WGMs, IMs and WIMs). Entries close on Friday 7 February 2020.
Players who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents must have a FIDE ID.

Time controls

  • Round-robin divisions and Reserves D/E: 90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment per move from move 1.
  • Challengers: 60 minutes plus 30 seconds increment per move from move 1.


  • Round-robin divisions: A draw sheet and crosstable will be published on this website prior to the start of the tournament.
  • Swiss tournaments (Reserves D/E and Challengers): The draw will be distributed by email on the Sunday evening prior to each round.
Forfeiture time: One hour after the commencement of the round (at the Arbiter's discretion). 

Postponements and byes


  • Players may arrange with their opponent to play a game earlier or later than in the draw, on the scheduled pre/postponement nights or at a time and place of their choosing (subject to approval by the arbiter).
  • Players must advise their opponent (and the arbiter) to postpone a game. It is the responsibility of the player postponing the game to contact the opponent before the game is due to be played. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. Only in the event of illness or emergency should this be less than 24 hours notice. 
  • Players must make arrangements with the opponent to play postponed games. Communications between players regarding postponements should be reported to the arbiter. 
  • Unplayed games may be judged to be abandoned or forfeited. Consideration will be given to evidence of players making themselves available to play the game.
  • All games must be completed by the end of the last round.
Swiss tournaments (Reserves D/E and Challengers)
  • Postponements are not permitted, but up to 2 half-point byes may be requested by each player, excluding the last two rounds.
  • Requests for a half-point bye must be submitted to the arbiter (by emailing no later than 7pm on the Sunday immediately preceding the round.


NA Nick Cooper

Appeals panel:


Results: Game results should be entered on the draw sheet at the venue. In the case of games played elsewhere email 

Analysis of completed games and social chess: A separate section away from the tournament area is set aside for analysis of completed games and social chess. Players must ensure games still underway are not disturbed. 

Protocols on player disturbances: Norths Chess Club protocols on player disturbances are set out in notices displayed in the tournament area. 

Games data base: Norths Chess Club reserves the right to publish any games played in any tournament organised by the club. 

Ties: In the case of a tie (or ties) in the Championship and Candidates divisions, a play-off will take place:

  • Where there are two joint leaders, two rapid games will be played, followed by two blitz games if the rapid games don't break the tie and an armageddon blitz game if required; or
  • Where there are more than two joint leaders, a single rapid round robin will be played, followed by a single blitz round robin (or two games if only two players remain tied after the rapid) if the rapid games don't break the tie and armageddon games if required.
If a play-off is not achieved within a reasonable time, Norths Chess Club reserves the right to instead apply a tiebreak of its choosing.

Ties in the other round robin divisions will be resolved by applying the following tie-breaks in descending order:
  • Direct encounter
  • Most Wins
  • Sonneborn-Berger
Ties in the Reserves D/E division will be resolved by applying the following tie-breaks in descending order:
  • Direct Encounter (including only results with players in the same division)
  • Buchholtz Cut 1
  • Sonneborn-Berger
Ties in the Challengers division will be resolved by applying the following tie-breaks in descending order:
  • Direct Encounter
  • Buchholtz Cut 1
  • Buchholtz Total
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