Postponement & Bye Rules for norths Seniors Open Tournament 2012 (Updated 30th May)

A player is allowed to request a postponement if he/she is unable to play a game on the scheduled date, subject to the following conditions:

  1. a player may request a maximum of 2 postponements;
  2. round 9 games cannot be postponed;
  3. postponed games must be completed no later than 3 weeks after the game was originally scheduled to be played or before the scheduled draw for the last round (5:00pm Friday 27th July), whichever date is earlier;  (please refer to NOTE below)
  4. the player requesting the postponement is responsible for contacting his/her opponent prior to when the round is scheduled to be played to make arrangements to play the game on another date which is convenient to both players;
  5. for the purpose of doing the draw for those rounds before the postponed game is played, if the rating difference between the players is 200 or more, a notional point will be allocated to the higher rated player.  Otherwise, a notional half point will be allocated to both players;
  6. if a postponed game is not completed by the required date, both players will automatically be forfeited unless at least one of the players has made an appeal to the Director of Play for the matter to be resolved differently.  The appeal must be lodged not later than the last date by which the postponed game should have been be played. The norths Chess Club Committee will decide how to resolve the issue.  The possible resolutions are: double forfeit, single forfeit (either way), double half point bye, extension of date by which the postponed game must be played (rare);  (please refer to NOTE below)
  7. all players who are approached by their opponent for a postponement are, in the spirit of good sportsmanship, expected to make all reasonable efforts to accommodate the request. However, if the players cannot agree a date, an appeal to the Director of Play should be lodged (see 6. above); and
  8. a player requesting a postponement should be aware that if his/her opponent persuades the committee that due to personal circumstances he/she could not have reasonably been expected to play the game on another date, a forfeit point will normally be awarded to the player's opponent.


If a player knows before the draw for the next round is done that he/she is unable to play on the scheduled date for that round, a bye should be requested if the postponement option is no longer available or convenient to the player. Bye requests must be received by the Director of Play not later than 5:00pm on the last Friday prior to the date the next round is scheduled to be played. There are two types of bye, namely:

  1. Half point bye. The player is excluded from the draw and allocated a half point. Half point byes are not allowed in Rounds 8 or 9.  Players may take a maximum of two half-point byes.
  2. Zero point bye - for byes in rounds 8 or 9 or for players who have already received two half-point byes. The player is excluded from the draw and allocated a zero point. Whenever possible, a zero point bye should be requested in preference to being forfeited.

NOTE:  The above postponement rules are based on those which have been proposed for this year's John Purdy Memorial Tournament.  However, as no postponement dates were originally scheduled for this Seniors Tournament, some relaxation of the deadlines for playing postponed games was anticipated. However, on 29th May it was decided to add two postponement dates to the tournament schedule and therefore every effort should now be made to adhere to the above rules.