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Winter Classic

2017 Winter Classic

Seven rounds—Tuesdays 6 June to 25 July 2017

FIDE and ACF rated; open to players with a FIDE Standard rating under 2200

Congratulations to the winners and placegetters:

=1st: Patrick Champion and Anup Kumar Siva Sankaran
=3rd: Max Mikkelsen, Allan Richards, Justin Vowles and Balan Jigando
Rating Group A (U1670-1100): Balan Jigando
Rating Group B (U1100): Ryan Hii and Toby Huey

Click here to for the full spreadsheet - best for printing and to view on mobile devices.

Tournament Information and Rules

Location: Norths (formerly North Sydney Leagues Club), cnr Abbott & Palmer Streets, Cammeray. 

Time: Games start at 7:30 pm.

Schedule: Tuesdays from 6 June to 18 July. 25 July is a spare week in case of venue conflicts.

Eligibility: Restricted to players with a FIDE Standard rating of less than 2200. Players who are not Australian residents must have a FIDE ID.

Entry Fees: $15 for Norths Chess Club members; $25 for non-members. 

Draw: The provisional draw will be published on the Sunday evening prior to each round.

Prizes: 1st: $150 2nd: $100 3rd: $50; Rating Group A: $50 Rating Group B: $50 (based on 40 entries). Prizes will be shared equally among players on the same score but each player may only receive one prize.

Format: 7 rounds (Dutch) Swiss, with pairings by Vega.

Byes: Each player may take up to two half-point byes in rounds 1-5 by advising the arbiter no later than 7pm on the Sunday immediately preceding the round. 

Time Control: 60 minutes + 30 seconds per move from move 1. 

Ratings: This tournament will be rated on the ACF Classic and FIDE Standard rating lists. 

Forfeit Time: 1 hour after the commencement of the round (at the Arbiter’s discretion). 

Tiebreaks: In the event of ties, prize monies will be shared. The rank order will be determined by applying the following tiebreaks in descending order: 

Direct encounter 
Buchholtz Cut 1 
Average Rating of Opponents Cut 1 

Rules: The FIDE Laws of Chess apply. The Arbiter’s decision on any rules application shall be final. 

Arbiter: Nick Cooper 

  • Players are eligible for one prize only. 
  • Rating prizes are awarded based on ACF classic ratings or FIDE standard ratings if a player doesn’t have an ACF classic rating. Players without either of these ratings are considered to be unrated and are ineligible for ratings prizes. 
  • Rating Group A and B are the players in the 2nd and 3rd thirds of the rated players (e.g. if there are 30 rated players, Rating Groups A and B include the 11th-20th and 21st-30th rated players.
Entries close: Entries must be received by 3 June 2017. Late entries will be accepted at the arbiter's discretion, with up to two byes automatically allocated for missed rounds.

Entry: To enter online CLICK HERE or download the formCheques and money orders make payable to Norths Chess Club.Entry payment is accepted at club meetings or send to c/o Box 1840, Hornsby Westfield Post Office 1635 or make a bank transfer to Norths Chess Club, BSB 062 181, Account number 1044 1917 (use your name in the reference) and return the entry form to norths chess club.