During the year there are two major internal tournaments, the Club Championship and the John Purdy Memorial.

The Club Championship is the first major tournament of the year. It is an eleven round competition divided into several divisions according to player ratings. Each division is a separate round-robin competition.

The John Purdy Memorial is a nine round open competition with Swiss pairings for each round, held in the second half of the year.

Both events are preceded by blitz competitions.

The Norths Rapid is a 9-round competition of three games per night over three weeks.

The club also enters teams at various levels the NSW Chess Association's interclub competion.

The nine round Ford/Greenwood seniors is open to senior members and non-members of Norths Chess Club.

The Winter Swisss played on Tuesdays during the grade match season, it is an opportunity for those people who are not playing in a grade team to stay active. 

Each year the entire Norths Chess Club does battle in home and away games with St George in the Big Board and Harbord in the Little Board, and  the single-game Board of Education against a team from Sydney's universities. 

As well, there is a number of one-off events: blitzes, simultaneous games by the Club Champion and guests, and more.