New Members Always Welcome! 

Norths Chess Club is proud to be one of the oldest chess clubs in Australia (formed in 1908), and welcomes new members of all abilities. The club meets weekly (mostly Tuesday evenings) at Norths, 12 Abbott Street, Cammeray, NSW.

Check the calendar below for our schedule.

Norths Rapid
Congratulations to 2019 Champion Jack Rodgers and other prizewinners 

1st Jack Rodgers 
=2nd Luis Javier Sanchez Botella and Joshua Brown  
=Rating Group A (U1722-1540) Michael Blaszczyk, Anup Kumar Siva Sankaran and Tristan Weijermars 
Rating Group B (U1540-1380) Peter Creek 
Rating Group C (U1380) Alaina Vincent 
Unrated or provisional Michael Todd


Congratulations to 2019 Champion Angelito Camer and other prizewinners 
1st: Angelito Camer 
2nd: Stephen Garner
3rd: Mark Baterowicz and Yu-Shiun Chen
Rating Group A (U1580-1450): Clive Lane, Ivan Case and John Pepping
Rating Group B (U1450): Norman Greenwood and Robert Laurie

Winter Classic

Congratulations to 2019 Champion Joshua Brown and other prize winners:
1st: Joshua Brown 
2nd: Christopher Ball
3rd: Andriy Bukreyev and Jigando Balan 
Rating Group A (U1430-930): Michael Blaszczyk and Jonas Sze-To
Rating Group B (U930): Jonathan Kuba
Unrated (or provisional): Andriy Bukreyev wins half since no player may win more than one prize, with Johnny Teves winning the remaining half

Club Championship
Congratulations to Club Champion Vladimir Feldman and other winners: 

Championship: 1st Vladimir Feldman; =2nd Jack Rodgers, Donato Mallari
Candidates: 1st Stephen Ireland; =2nd Adam Mazay, Peter brand
Division A: =1st Paul Glissan, John Redgrave; =3rd Anup Kumar Siva Sankaran, Kamal Jain
Division B: 1st Anriy Bukreyev; 2nd Kanishka Premathilaka; 3rd Aram Sandalcyan
Division C: 1st Scott O'Callaghan; 2nd Clive Lane; =3rd Peter creek, Tim Singleton
Division D: 1st Michael Blaszczyk; 2nd Jonas sze-To; 3rd Toby Huey
Division E: 1st Rowan Cargill; 2nd James Jiang; 3rd Ralph Shaw
Swiss: 1st Huey Chelsea; =2nd Lan Le; Cameron Timms, Joshua Li
CLICK HERE for detailed results

President's Message 

Dear fellow Club members, We can look back on many successes for our club and its members this year. ... Read more

Purdy Memorial 

Congratulations to 2018 John Purdy Memorial champion Brandon Clarke. CLICK HERE to see all the prizewinners and results.


What a pleasure it was when our troops ventured into enemy territory to fight the battle of the Big Board. An away win is always a struggle but we overwhelmed St George and snatched back the John Kellner/Terrey Shaw Trophy.

We also held the Little Board when Harbord took the 2nd round by one point but fell short by one overall.

See HERE for the Big Board detailed results and HERE for the Little Board.