Club Championship results

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Date Posted: Wed, 7 Apr 2021

2021 Club Champion: As winner of Tournament 1, Matthew Bennett

Tournament 1

Championship: 1st Stirling Bayaca;  2nd Gareth Charles; 3rd Jack Rodgers
Candidates: 1st Matthew Bennett (7/9); 2nd James Spencer; 3rd Vladimir Chugunov

Tournament 2

A: 1st Chris Taffard; 2nd Pertti Sirkka; 3rd. Toby Huey
B: 1st John McFarlane; 2nd Linden Fennamore; 3rd. James Zaverdinos

Tournament 3

C: 1st Thomas Ban; 2nd Ian Case; 3rd Yuze (Ethan) Li
D: 1st. Lucas Ni; 2nd Tom Beeh; 3rd Dominic Earle

Tournament 4

E: 1st Sean McDonald; 2nd Ethan Chang; 3rd James Ford (6.5/9)

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