Message from the President

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Date Posted: Thu, 30 Dec 2021

It was another unusual year with a number of highs interspersed with some Covid-induced lows.

Fortunately, the negatives were few.   We had to close the club for a significant part of the year and as a result had to truncate and declare results for our two winter tournaments – Ford-Greenwood Seniors and Winter Classic just after the half way mark.   We were also unable to   run the 2021 Purdy Memorial which was a pity as the 2021 edition was to incorporate State Championship and State Women’s Championship.

The positives were many though.   Winning back both the Big Board and Little Board trophies from St George and Harbord was a highlight.   Winning both legs of each so emphatically was special.   Many thanks to all who supported those fixtures – wonderful results for our club.

We have a new club champion in Matthew Bennett.   This year we trialled a new format of small swisses across the various sections of our club championship.   I personally feel that this was a good innovation that deserves repeating.    The sections all proved well contested and the elimination of postponements was welcomed by many.

We have also been able to run Rapids and Blitzes and our online club continues twice a week.   Congratulations to all of our prize winners in our tournaments this year.

The growth in our membership this year was extraordinary and we gained a number of very strong new recruits.   All this bodes well for the club but our sheer size makes it tricky when government imposes venue capacity restrictions.  

In term of our committee, Rob Watson very ably slotted into the Director of Play role.   David Stern delivered a new website which gives us a good base for future development.   In addition, there was a huge amount of work by some unsung heroes behind the scenes.   During the year Tristan Weijermars left our committee due to a move interstate and Pertti Sirkka was unable to stand again as secretary.   Thanks to my fellow committee members for their hard work in keeping our club running and developing.   We all also appreciate the longstanding support from our hosts at Norths Leagues Club.

The running of our large club falls on a small number of people and that creates a risk.   Broadening our resources will be a clear focus as we move into, hopefully, a covid-unaffected 2022.

Peter Abbott, President Norths Chess Club