Vale Warren Morris

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Date Posted: Sat, 31 Dec 2022
Warren Morris, who died on Christmas Day, was a great supporter of Norths Chess. He was a director of Norths Leagues Club for 30 years, and served as secretary its Sports Council for much of that time.

Our Treasurer Steve Garner worked alongside Warren inthe 1990s; at the time the chess club met at the hall of Willoughby Uniting Church. The church often complained about our members smoking on the premises. Overnight the rent they charged for using the hall doubled and we were losing money fast. Warren suggested to Steve that we move to Norths Leagues. It took a lot of convincing but eventually we agreed to move.
What Warren kept relatively quiet at the time because he couldn’t guarantee it, was that Norths gave grants to its sporting clubs. So, we went from paying rent we couldn’t afford to a much better hall that was rent free. And we were given a monetary grant each year. Initially it was around $400; last year we got $3,000.
Warren was more than a supporter of our Club - he helped transform it into the strongest chess club in Sydney,