The two major blitz tournaments each years are the Club Championship Blitz and the Purdy Blitz. Each is played the week prior to their long form competitions.

Other blitz games are played during the year. The last was  2023 Club championship Blitz
=1st Sterling Bayaca and John Papantoniou. Sterling takes the title on tie-break.
3rd Dione Goredema
Rating Group A (1650 - 1960) =1st Jared Cheung, Nick Kordahi, Jerzy Guse and Jonathan Ong
Rating Group B (1 - 1649) =1st Joy Liu and Paul Pilowsky

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The next at the club will be the 

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Note our blitzes are FIDE rated.. Players who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents must have a FIDE ID. (To request a FIDE ID from a national Federation contact details for them are @ Adult players must be or become members of or have paid a Registered Player Fee to the NSWCA. Juniors (aged under 18 years) must be members of the NSWJCL. Interstate players must be members of the equivalent State or Territory Association.