New Members Always Welcome! 

Norths Chess Club is proud to be one of the oldest chess clubs in Australia (formed in 1908), and welcomes new members of all abilities. The club meets weekly (mostly Tuesday evenings) at Norths, 12 Abbott Street, Cammeray, NSW.

Check the calendar below for our schedule. 

Big Board 

Norths staged a strong counter attack, winning the night 32.5 to 17.5, but this wasn't quite enough to bridge the 19 point deficit from the first game, so St George emerged victorious overall by 48.5 to 44.5.

Congratulations to St George for reclaiming the John Kellner/Terrey Shaw Trophy after 2 years in the wilderness - we're already looking forward to next year's matches!

Purdy Memorial 

Brandon Clarke took first place, and Clive Ng won the 2017 John Purdy Memorial Trophy. CLICK HERE to see all the prizewinners and results.

Norths Rapid

Congratulations to 2017 Rapid Champion Jason Hu and the other prizewinners:
1st: Jason Hu
2nd: Irina Berezina-Feldman 
=3rd: Clive Ng, Thomas Xuan, Bruce Murray, Henry Cronin 
Rating Group A: (U1860-1660) Jigando Balan
Rating Group B: (U1660-1430) Aram Sandalciyan 
Rating Group C: (U1430) Tristan Weijermars
Unrated: Henry Cronin

Norths Seniors 

Congratulations to 2017 Seniors Champion Pat Halpin and the other prizewinners:
1st: Patrick Halpin
2nd: Frank Hutchings
=3rd: Yu-Shiun Chen, Pertti Sirkka and Aram Sandalciyan
Rating Group A (U1600-1484): Aram Sandalciyan
Rating Group B (U1484-1400): Ian Wechsler
Rating Group C (U1400): Vince Chiara
CLICK HERE for detailed results.

Winter Classic
Congratulations to the prizewinners: 
=1st: Patrick Champion and Anup Kumar Siva Sankaran
=3rd: Max Mikkelsen, Allan Richards, Justin Vowles and Balan Jigando
Rating Group A (U1670-1100): Balan Jigando
Rating Group B (U1100): Ryan Hii and Toby Huey
CLICK HERE for detailed results.

Club Championship
Championship: 1st Max Illingworth; 2nd Jason Hu; 3rd Michael Morris
Candidates: 1st Stephen Ireland; =2nd Patrick Champion and Max Mikkelson
Division A: =1st Pertti Sirkka and Paul Glissan (Pertti wins division on tie-break); 3rd Michael Gong
Division B: 1st Frank Low; =2nd Dale Tweedie, Stephen Forrest, David James, Shane Dibley and Chris Sparks
Division C: 1st Adam Mazay; 2nd Michael Roh; 3rd Ivan Case
Division D: 1st Timothy Leong; 2nd Ralph Shaw; =3rd Andrew Johnson, David Cook, Hans Schwandl, Norman Greenwood, Andrew Coey and Gary Armstrong
Division E: = 1st Scott O’Callaghan and Jonas Sze-To (Scott wins division on tie-break); 3rd Toby Huey

CLICK HERE for detailed results

Nigel Short simul

A crowd of around 100 enjoyed Nigel’s lecture. He analysed two of his recent games from the Ballarat Begonia tournament, interspersing them with fragments from previous games, anecdotes and insights ... Read more 

President's Message

2015 has been the greatest year ever in our Club’s illustrious 107 years long history, even bettering last year. This year, in chess achievements, we reached the summit of Mount Everest! ... Read more.