Club Champion Cameron McGowan

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Date Posted: Wed, 6 Apr 2022
Congratulations 2022 Club Champion Cameron McGowan and all division winners

Tournament 1 won by Cameron McGowan
Championship: =1st Cameron McGowan and Dmitry Miscenko; 3rd Gareth Charles
Candidates: =1st Joshua Brown and Chris Taffard; 3rd Allan Richards
Tournament 2 won by Van Vo
A: 1st Dennis Wan; =2nd Jose Escribano and Kurt Daley
B: 1st Van Vo; 2nd Gary Armstrong; 3rd Lucas Ni
Tournament 3 won by Benjamin Jiang
C: =1st Dominic Earle and Arihant Yadav; 3rd Yuze (Ethan) Li
D: 1st Benjamin Jiang; =2nd Robert Fenton-Lee and Leon Munk
Tournament 4
E: 1st Annan Yadav; =2nd Haowei Wang and Robert Carollo

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